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The BY271 baseball bat, crafted with precision by our company, strikes an ideal balance between lightweight agility and resilient power. This model is tailored for players who demand a high degree of maneuverability and speed in their swing. With a barrel diameter of about 2.5 inches and a tapered handle that measures roughly 0.94 inches in diameter, the BY271 facilitates a swift, smooth swing that can effortlessly drive the ball across the field. Constructed from select, high-quality wood, this bat is both durable and stylish, featuring a sleek design that stands out in both appearance and performance. The BY271 is particularly favored by leadoff hitters and those who excel at making contact, providing the precision and speed needed to turn solid hits into extra bases. Whether stepping up to the plate in a crucial game situation or honing skills in practice, the BY271 is designed to elevate a player's batting prowess.

BY 271

  • Custom bats ship within 4-6 weeks of confirmed order.

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