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The BY243 baseball bat is designed for the slugger who thrives on maximizing power at the plate. This model features a large barrel diameter of approximately 2.6 inches, providing a substantial hitting surface that's ideal for players looking to make impactful connections with the ball. The handle is slightly slimmer at around 0.94 inches, allowing for a firm yet comfortable grip that enhances the bat's whip-like action during swings. This bat is crafted from the highest quality wood, known for its durability and resilience under intense play conditions. The BY243's design is engineered to provide a heavier end-load, which significantly boosts the power potential for hitters who can manage the additional weight at the barrel's end. Ideal for power hitters looking to elevate their game, the BY243 combines aggressive hitting power with a sleek design, making it a formidable choice for players aiming to dominate on the field. Whether it's sending balls over the fence or hitting hard line drives, the BY243 is built to deliver outstanding results.


***Ink Dotted Professional Grade***

BY 243

  • Custom bats ship within 4-6 weeks of confirmed order.

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