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The BY141 baseball bat, designed and manufactured by our esteemed company, embodies a classic feel with modern performance. This bat is renowned for its slender handle and traditional knob, which together provide an unmatched level of comfort and a quick, controlled swing that experienced players appreciate. The barrel diameter is slightly smaller than other models, measuring about 2.5 inches, which enhances precision hitting rather than sheer power. The handle, at approximately 0.94 inches in diameter, offers a tight grip, allowing hitters to generate quick bat speed and precise control over their swings. Crafted from premium-grade wood, the BY141 stands out for its durability and classic aesthetic, making it a favorite among hitters who thrive on finesse and tactical play. Whether you're a contact hitter looking to place the ball with precision or a gap hitter aiming for the fences, the BY141 provides the reliability and performance necessary to elevate your game.


***Ink dotted professional grade***

BY 141

  • Custom bats ship within 4-6 weeks of confirmed order.

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