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The BY47 baseball bat, meticulously designed by our company, is built for power hitters seeking a substantial end-loaded feel to maximize their swing force. This model features a large barrel diameter of approximately 2.55 inches, which maximizes the hitting surface and potential impact area, making it ideal for driving the ball with great power. The handle is slightly thicker at around 0.96 inches, offering a robust grip that helps maintain control during powerful swings. Constructed from premium wood, this bat is not only strong and reliable but also has a refined finish that showcases its high-quality craftsmanship. The BY47 is a favorite among players who are confident in their ability to swing big and aim to make every hit count. Its powerful design and balanced construction make it a formidable choice for those looking to enhance their slugging percentage and drive in runs.


***Ink dotted professional grade***

BY 47

  • Custom bats ship within 4-6 weeks of confirmed order.

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